Yamadori Bonsai

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Yamadori roughly translates from Japanese as the collection of plants from the mountains.  Bonsai trees are collected from the wild and are naturally stunted by a combination of factors including:

  1. Climate extremes or severity
  2. Poor soil conditions and lack of  nutrient.
  3. Attitude and the effects of high levels of ultra violet
  4. Northern attitudes-with the shortening of growing season
  5. Wind and extremes of abrasive sand on the branches
  6. Grazing animals including deer, sheep, cattle, and rabbit.

The net effect of all these factors is contorted, smaller than normal mature short trees. To find these factors in a combination that creates these dwarf varieties is extremely rare! Most mountain ranges will offer only a small area where the environment for this can take place.

Finding them is only the first problem – Obtaining the farmers or land owners consent, removing them with enough root for them to survive and the transferring them down hill can take, in some cases, 2 men a whole day to get down just one yamadori tree.

Then the 12-month period they need to settle down and prove themselves, a tense time. New growth starts and things look good. Time to consider styling options and viewing position. Not for the faint hearted, only for the truly serious and dedicated bonsai enthusiast.

The reward is the most spectacular material you will ever own or work on. You can settle for the monotonous manufactured Japanese or Chinese material grown by the million. A true bonsai enthusiast will only be satisfied with unique trees that will only appreciate in value and be appreciated and envied by your fellow enthusiasts. When purchasing a bonsai tree be aware that bonsai plants should not be made available for sale until they are proven, which in general means 12 months after collection.

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