Case Study – Yew Taxus Bacata


1. This tree was collected and established for eighteen months before anything was done. With good extensions in the first year, I know that it was producing a good root system. At this stage the tree was too tall and basically a bush. Overall height 3 ft 6in width 2ft 6in no roots exposed. The first move was to reduce it to the basic branches needed for the styled tree. The top was completely removed leaving a bare trunk emerging from the branches. This was carved and lime sulphured. The branches were wired and basic form made


2. Six months later I decided to give age to what was a young looking tree by carving out the center. This would tie into the top Jin and give it a more believable image of old age i.e. after being hit by lightning the centre of the tree rotted away to leave just a shell.


3. That coming spring I removed all soil with water and re-potted in it’s current pot with the exposed root style of an aged tree. When caving out the centre of a tree you must leave the sapwood intact and only remove heartwood. Otherwise the tree will dry from inside and die or at least lose branches from thin areas. I packed the inside of the tree with sphagnum moss for one season until the wood hardened and the sap lines reestablished. Also exterior edges were sealed with wound cut paste.


4. The tree established one year in present pot and then was reduced in size and restyled as you see in the last photo. The upper branch was severely bent upwards with the raffia and wire technique and a guide wire was attached.


The last work to be done is on refining the Shari and Jin. The tree will be shown once work is completed .

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